3 Must-Try Yoga Studios in NYC

Tangerine Hot Power Yoga


“A slightly sweeter and stronger vinyasa yoga practice designed to leave you feeling wildly empowered.”

Ok, I’m a little biased here since Tangerine is the place that got me hooked on this whole hot yoga thing. But that’s not the point because I could’ve hated it and never returned. Trust me, the chance of that was greater than 95%. (My experience could’ve very easily rivaled that of this dude, who’s pretty much my spirit animal.)

What I love about Tangerine is her feisty owner, Tamara Behar, an ex-advertising exec who was out of a job during the recession and decided to turn a terrible situation into a positive opportunity. Maybe that’s just me, but her classes are always grounded in finding your inner freedom and discovering what makes you tick.


Jivamukti Yoga (and Cafe)


“A secret vegan oasis aways you inside of this Union Square Yoga Studio”

It’s a school, it’s a cafe, it’s a spa, it’s a yoga studio! Ok, I love Jivamukti because their little cafe, Jivamuktea, is a slice of zen haven in the middle of bustling Union Square. It’s a bit hard to find, located on the second floor of a commercial building. Jivamuktea serves delicious vegan dishes, juices, and teas.

The space is open, clean, and spacious. But what people love are the top-notch instructors. Spirituality is an important element of Jivamukti, for the 1.5 hour classes, there will be chants, lectures, meditations, at the beginning and end of classes.

Not for the faint of heart, Jivamukti can be a bit challenging and best suited for intermediate to advanced practitioners. Regardless, if you are up for a challenge, give this place a try (and get an avocado toast afterwards.)


Iyengar Yoga


“As a young man, B.K.S. Iyengar searched out an in-depth understanding of the self through the practice of yoga. Awakened by the transformative experience, he adapted the practice and sought to introduce the world to a form of yoga that was deeper, more intellectual—a science, art, and philosophy—one that emphasizes complete alignment of the body, mind, breath, and soul.”

Iyengar yoga is a studio that practices the teachings of 91-year-old yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar, author of the classic yoga treatise Light on Yoga. The airy, modern studio has large changing rooms and provides all necessary equipment, and there’s also a studio in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. The class (and Iyengar Yoga in general) incorporates a lot of props —more advanced Iyengar classes may even involve suspension from ropes. You’ll be challenged but not exhausted in this beginners’ class—don’t expect a vigorous workout, but your heart rate will rise as you hold and adjust the poses per the instructor’s detailed directions.